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8am seems like a reasonable working hour. I wonder why I have to pay the border police extra cash in hand for ‘overtime’.

Considering floods only ceased a few days ago, Hat Yi seems to have recovered well.

Strawberry Fanta is tasty.

Heading directly into the monsoon with a broken umbrella.

I’m embodying British spirit stunningly by taking a 12hour trip to the beach through incessant torrents of rain.

I refuse to eat KFC.

Billed as ‘similar to a sleep English Coastal town’, Prachuap sounds like just the tonic for a weary wanderer whose clothes can endure no further rain or sweat.

My tongue is in a constant state of spicy tingle.

Chang beer on an empty stomach having not drunk alcohol for ages does wonders.

Wheeee, I’m the king of the road on my Honda Moped.

So many restaurants in so many towns are devoid of customers.

Oh no! My headphones have broken. I will buy some new ones in Bangkok. Quality might prove problematic…

The bus is empty! Stop fussing about ticketed seat allocations. Sit in any seat.

Thai dinners make for uncomfortable morning bus journeys.

Itinerary plan; done. Now to spend three weeks lamenting a badly-chosen route.

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