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U-Turns seem to be all the rage. My bus just did three consecutively, before continuing in the original direction.

This skytrain seems rather underground. Oh right, it’s the subway.

Foundation products are the fuel Bangkok runs on.

Woah! How incredibly lucky I am to find a theatre festival this weekend right outside my guesthouse.

Changover: A hangover caused by Chang 6.5% beer.

Stop serving my coffee with ice. I know it’s hot and humid, but ice makes mr ill.

My third fake watch of the trip. £1.60 this time, and my first venture into analogue.

I didn’t notice a single mosquito, but I sure am noticing the bites.

I haven’t had a conversation with anyone for over 50hours.

Hand-held micro sewing machines are an ingenious concept.

I though cocoanut milk was meant to be disgusting! This one’s yummy.

If I had a house I would fill it with the art from Bangkok’s Market.

Bars in this district appear to be packed full of customers. Actually there are usually only three customers and the rest (all women) are the ‘product’.

This scenic route isn’t really providing much scenery.

Thank goodness for student discounts – now I can spend the saved cash on Coca Cola instead to replenish my exhausted sugar supplies.

Three consecutive days, Three identical breakfast. The closest I’ve come to a routine.

If one restaurant receives a positive write-up, others change their name to match it. Clever!

Thai third class train carriages resemble Indian first class ones.

Chang for sale on my 11am train sure is tempting.

My hostel only opened today after one month of flood closure. As the only guest, I’m proud to be supporting their cause through ordering lots of yummy food.

Thought I’d missed my stop. Turns out that this timetable is in fact one hour inaccurate.

Two terriers on a moped.

That’s a lot of whisky for one soldier.

Lunch on today’s train is chicken and/or rice. The exact two foods I will never risk eating on a train.

Sod it. I’m hungry. I shall risk train chicken rice and face the consequences later.

National parks: Occasional animals, lots of trees. I’m over ’em.

‘Cabbages and Condoms’ wouldn’t have been my first choice of name for a guesthouse, but it sure is original.

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