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Day 49 – Cameron Highlands – Arrived to find a stunning location infested with tourism and drenched in rain. At its centre, Starbucks.

Day 50 – Cameron Highlands – Disappointing location saved by a fabulous chance meeting with some friendly Chinese Malaysians who played stunning hosts for me all day.

Day 51 – Georgetown, Penang – Teamed up with some fun Derry residents for a trip to my final underwhelming Malaysian town. This one had an outdoor food court with atrocious amateur karaoke (although in fact, it was probably intended as a professional show.)

Day 52 – Penang – Oh how we tried to rent some bicycles to visit the national park. “Motorbike for you?” “No thanks.” Then it rained again.

Day 53 – Penang to Paradise (Surat Thani) – After much deliberation I settled on the island of Ko Phagnan as my next destination. The bus left at 5am. After crossing into Thailand we drove for 10 more hours through sheets of rain. Sadly, the boat wasn’t running so I was forced to stay in soggy Surat Thani. Bought an umbrella.

Day 54 – Surat Thani to Prachuap
With no boat to a flooded paradise, I checked the weather forecast and jumped on the next bus North to the first town which avoided gloom. I got some washing done, had three night-market dinners and went to bed happy.

Day 55 – Prachuap
After braving a monkey gauntlet to a hilltop temple, I ride the bravery high and hire my first ever moped. In perfect harmony we set off to explore fishing villages and Buddhist spectacles, though sadly still under a blanket of grey sky.

Day 56 – Bangkok
I’ve just arrived. River view from my single room, £4/night. Can’t beat that.

Samut Prakan’s Ancient City
Siam Reap (Angkor), Cambodia
Phnom Penh
Chau Doc, Vietnam
Ha Tien
Phu Quoc
My Tho
Ho Chi Minh


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