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Been feeling quite inspired to hunt out some new music this week.  I reckon I’ve discovered a few gems, so rather than reviewing anything individually, here’s a quick bish-bash-bosh list:

  • Monarchy’s ‘Phoenix Alive’ has been getting a bit of radio play, but I’m really liking Kris Menace’s Remix of it, which is on HypeMachine. All of the originals great vocal line, with a bit more of a punchy kick to it (excuse the mixed metaphor).
  • Although I’m becoming steadily more weary of Kissy Sell Out‘s tirelessly cheery self-branding, his re-edits are unquestionably great.  Best of all, he’s got an entire podcast of them freely available for download.  My favourite by a long way is his version of R.E.M – Nightswimming.
  • Producing within the realm of my new favourite genre, ‘Wobbly House’, Jack Beats add a thoroughly infectious grimy bounciness to some of the best tracks of the moment.  Top of my list right now is their remix of Passion Pit – Little Secrets, available on their Soundcloud page along with a whole host of their other successes.
    Jack Beats 350
    (Wobbly DJs in silly hats – Jack Beats.)
  • On a slightly different note, Femi Kuti‘s Water No Get Enemy entered my collection last week.  I heard it first as the closing track on one of Mr Scruff’s sets.  It’s an unremittingly funky track packed with spirit, and I’m looking forward to discovering more.
  • Finally, on an entirely different note, The Simpsons’s We Put The Spring In Springfield came up in a shuffle play recently.  I discover that it works quite well alongside a few 130bpm dance tracks, so that one might be dropping into an upcoming mix.  Only ironically, of course!

Tha’sall for now.  Let me know if you enjoy any of them!

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