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Got some spare cash? Fancy acquiring an item of genuine interest and authenticity? Here’s what I’ve seen on offer:

[nb. Prices are ‘asking prices’, not the final haggled figure.]

10 – Singing Bowl, Kathmandu – £15
Stroke this bowl gently to create a smooth warbling sound. Limitless musical potential.

9 – Puppet Doll, Jaipur – £8
You’ve seen the masters perform with them, now try it yourself. Unbreakable.

8 – Flute, Melacca Museum – £1
Ingeniously, these wooden instruments are sold to children at the museum entrance, providing an exquisite soundtrack to your visit.

7 – Gemstones, Everywhere – £???
You can pick up these bargain gems and diamonds almost anywhere, even in street markets. Incredible value.

6 – Solar Keyring Of Oscar, Sentosa Singapore – £4
Oscar is Sentosa theme park’s fishy mascot. This keyring has an LED screen which pictures him. It even flashes.

5 – Chess Set, Jaipur – £10
After the salesperson has followed your city tour for an hour or so, you’ll feel compelled to purchase this quality wooden boredom-buster.

4 – Songbirds, Manakamana Sacred Pilgrimage Temple – £1
Move them and they sing a tinny song. Gets you in the holy mood.

3 – Chinese Medicine, Cameron Highlands – £4
A bag of bark. Sure, you can buy it in any herbal shop, but it will never be this fresh.

2 – Bracelet, Any Hindu Temple – £???
Shake someone’s hand outside a temple and be prepared to get a colourful piece of string tied around your wrist. It could cost you any amount of money.

1 – Big Balloon, Mumbai – £4
If you’ve enjoyed seeing Mumbai’s architectural delights, surely you’ll want an enormous balloon to remember your visit. They are genuinely enormous; easily 150l of air. The undisputed leader of tourist tat.

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