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  • I’ve got it. There, I said it. 😉
  • It’s an illness. It can make you very sick, but you can be treated and get lots better. Phew!
  • Bipolar depression feels truly, truly awful.
  • The lows are like being trapped in a mental prison of self-hatred, encased so heavily that joy can’t penetrate.
  • The highs are amazing, but – personally – I’d give them up in an instant to avoid the terrible lows.
  • Not many people go to the doctors when feeling ‘high’ (manic). This results in low diagnosis rates, and people miss out on effective treatments. It’s therefore well worth getting seen when suspected manic. (I checked in to A&E saying “I feel absolutely brilliant thanks, how are you?”)
  • Winston Churchill had bipolar. So do loads of people. Stephen Fry. 1-2% of us, in fact.
  • Time is needed to heal after a mood episode or diagnosis. And “time” could mean many months.
  • Medication is currently prescribed on a largely trial-and-error basis. This takes even more of that pesky “time”. But is the only way, for now.
  • If you’re dealing with it, I feel for you. Know that things will get better, especially when you demand effective treatment. Expect better.
  • The people who answer questions on the BipolarUK support forum are really wonderful. It’s so useful to supplement brief psychiatrist appointments.
  • It’s hard to heal your brain when your brain’s the one who can fix it. That’s why you must rely so much on others.
  • …in fact, it’s really very difficult to fix it by yourself. You need help.
  • There are lots of wonderful people out there. People who answer phones, schedule appointments and share stories. People who help.
  • A scary one; half of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder attempt suicide. The depression really is that bad.
  • Bipolar is a life long condition, but one that’s entirely livable given the correct management.
  • I have bipolar, and if you have questions I’d be happy to answer them.

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