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This weekend I worked with CreativeEvents at T4 On the Beach Festival in Weston Supermare.  I would like to review the event so that you can understand what it was like fully.  To do so, I shall list the major features.

If you only read one, read ‘2′.  It’s the best one!

(This comes instead of a list of ‘Highlights’, since I didn’t quite see enough of it all to comment in a fair and full manner.)

What I Thought About During The Festival

1 – Teenagers are smelly and overexcitable.  This is particularly true when they barge themselves into trains to and from a festival which they are particularly excited about.  They also wear silly plastic glasses which don’t let you see out.

2 – Many of today’s popular artists have names which include the sound ‘ee’.  After watching a few of them, I have concluded that this definitely adds to their appeal.  DizzEE Rascal, Tinch[E]Y Strider, PixIE Lott, EllIE Goulding, Professor GrEEn, Plan B[EE], Kel[EEE]is, ThE[EEE] Saturdays.  Admittedly, a few of those are clutching at straws, but you can’t deny that there’s some truth in my observation.

Tinchy Stryder poses backstage at T4 on the Beach on July 19, 2009 in Weston-Super-Mare, England

(Tinch[E]Y Strider)

3 – Rain + End of the day = Even fans of JLS couldn’t be bothered to wait for their long-awaited performance.  This mass-exodus was particularly enjoyable to watch.


4 – If I ever get offered the job of warming up a crowd for two hours, I shall decline it.  The poor man tried his best, but there are only so many times that you can ‘rehearse’ loud wooping noises, and there isn’t much scope for learning a dance routine if you’re crushed against thousands of fellow festivallers.

5 – Dancing is brilliant.  It is good excercise, enjoyable, attention-seeking and is a great means of passing the time when you aren’t serving drinks at the bar.  Since everyone at T4 was a ‘T‘eenager who looked about ‘4‘ years old, none of them could pass age verification checks.  Hence empty bar.  Hence lots of time-filling dancing!

6 – One of the Jedward blokes apparently injured their leg live on stage.  I missed it because I thought the entire thing was a load of rubbish and didn’t want to watch.


Next time I shall try to watch the actual festival before offering my opinion.

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