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It’s difficult to get lost in Singapore. It’s difficult to be confused or in any way at a loose end, in fact. For every confusion there is a helpful sign nearby to clarify things.

Unfortunately, this luxury causes the side effect of many entirely ridiculous pieces of signage. There’s the unnecessary, the abrupt and the downright bizzare. Here are some that made me chuckle today:

– Please Help Observe Singapore Kindness Campaign’

– How to build a sandcastle’ (an illustrated beach-side sign)

– ‘Pedestrians use the crossing’ next to ‘Crossing not operational from 7am to 11am and4pm to 8pm’

– ‘Reforestation in Progre…’ (obscured by foliage)

– ‘Out of order, Apologies for any inconvenience caused’ (next to one decorative water fountain in a series of water fountains)

– ‘No photography inside the shop: The candy is shy.’

– ‘Swim Here’ (next to the sea)

– ‘Want a beer? We sell beer.’ (On the door of a bar)

– ‘Buy 1 Get 1’

– ‘No camping. No swimming. No outside foods. BY LAW.’

– ‘Lavender Station’ (they genuinely have a place called Lavender)

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