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The thing I love most about marketing, I think, is finding the simplicity.

Anyone can make things complicated.

It takes a lot more skill to craft something simple.

It’s precisely that simplicity, though, that will make people go “ah – I get it.”

But alas, distilling to simplicity really is very hard, especially in the world of work, where less is barely ever more.

We’re often overloaded with complexities that are both disasterous for productivity and also (more worryingly, I think) ‘anti-human’* – denying out natural tendancy for elegance, with serious knock-on mental health effects for our addled brains.

It seems so easy to add. So much harder to take things away.

Here’s to simplicity.

* I liked this quote from an article in PWC’s Strategy+Business: “The more we understand the work of psychologists and neuroscientists, the more clearly we understand that we simply cannot go on overloading people with systems and structures that are complex and anti-human.”

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