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Sideways is going global!

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I’m heading off for various and multifarious foreign shores, with a couple of inland excursions to keep myself entertained.  I thought it would be nice to take you all along with me! 

…Sadly, after researching large group bookings, I determined it wouldn’t be physically possible to bring everyone – the flights can be quite pricey, and there’s only so much space in my new Rucksack.

So, instead, I will be taking you all along from this very blog,

Coming up…

Where Is Will Going?
(Maps, Routes, Pics etc.)

What Is Will Taking? 
(The results of my recent spending spree)

Blogs En-Route

Audio Blogs
(Podcasts, if you will)

Interviews With People I Meet
(Or imaginary friends I create to fend off any loneliness)


(From an unseasoned-traveller to other unseasoned-travellers)

Your comments! 
(Say hello to me online)

So why not bookmark me, whack my site up as your homepage, read it all using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or… well… just read it? Get ready for envy.

See ya!

(…Actually, I haven’t gone yet. I’m off on Friday. See Ya, in advance!)

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