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I’ve recently got into social media
In fact, somewhat spectacularly so…
By which I mean I’m now seriously active on every channel
(Except TikTok, which is a soft power instrument of the Chinese Communist Party, IMO)

What can social media do for me?
Well, for one, it’s cathartic
I call out the world’s injustices
One at a time

I resolved to be positive, though
Because there’s enough negativity out there
Even @liztruss I give the benefit of a doubt
“Phew” I say, when she announces something new

I’ve been silly too
Like playing “yellow car” on LinkedIn
Instagram-ing a smiley sponge
And ‘trolling’ (jovially) a private jet company

Good things have happened
Like my tweet being liked by Phil from Somebody Feed Phil
And making Redhill Library staff proud
And reconnecting with forgotten friends
Raising money for charity – quite a lot really
And opening big opportunities for work; networking!
And and and

So, yes
I’m glad I did it
I’m glad I’m doing it
And this isn’t the last you’ll hear
Of @sidewayssawney @sidewayssawney /in/willsawney

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