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On the island of Resort World Sentosa everything sparkles. From your towering cable car entrance over rolling silver waves to the bubbling champagne at your roulette table, prepare for luxury and elegance like nowhere else on Earth.

Beaches are precision made to your needs, all paths lead to fun and there is no escape… I mean, no end to the happy times.

“Everybody be happy in Singapore” chime the Dim Sum Dollies from our all-encroaching… I mean, surround-sound speaker system.

Songs of the Sea is an unrivalled theatrical spectacle to round off your already perfect day. It is performed in a custom built amphitheater in the Green district, easily accessible by Monorail, Bus, Mini-Train or Luge.

On the beach, Lee decides to have a sing song. His tune awakens a captured Princess, but in a flash she is gone. “Oh no” exclaims Lee. Naturally, he decides the only option is to follow through with the script in singing five more numbers, waking in turn a fire, water and light God (all with their own impressive array of technical whizzes and bangs) before getting to the princess.

There are lights, lasers, water jets, musical treats and firey explosions. You can literally watch your Casino losses go up in smoke. (Not that you ever loose money in our Casino, of course!)

“We Did It”, the final number, is catchy enough to stay with you for days, if not weeks. You can join in if you want. Go on. Join in. Clap clap clap. We did it! Together. Join in.

Sentosa’s Songs of the Sea is performed every night. Every single night. Same place, same time, same show, same beach, same smiles, same fun.

Sentosa is perfect.

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