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Surely this four-carriage train doesn’t require five guards.

Brasov’s citadel is drastically under-utilised. They could be selling me toy cannons, beer, light-up wands, or even just a ticket. Wake up, guys!

A poster shows Brasov’s three major radio stations: Heart; Magic; Rock FM. Are they rip offs or franchises…?

I’m genuinely impressed at Romanian restraint. The ‘dracula’ references at this nicknamed ‘dracula’s castle’ are tasteful and informative.

It looked like pork casserole. Sadly, it’s liver and giblets.DSCN0065

The guy on my bunk must have clocked up over 36hours of sleep in the last two days.

The wrath of the hostel lady (wearing a staff t-shirt, just to be clear) when I forget to remove my shoes is swift and fierce.

Oh hell, I accidentally ordered liver for dinner too.

Delicious wine. But lucky I didn’t order a third, seeing as the waiter served me glasses of his priciest.

DSCN0079I keep spotting better and better candidates for Bela Lugosi impersonators.

Bucharest doesn’t even feature on LP’s Romania Top 10. It must be godawful; the capital city always gets a nod.

My mouth is sporting an ulcer for every day travelled so far.

Trains switch locomotive at practically every station. Japanese tourists must be infuriated at the inefficiency.

Bucharest’s subway inconveniently links up all the locations I don’t want to go to.

I’ve never ever seen so many bikes and so few cyclists.


Hehey, I managed to sneak a photo of the guys fruit stall sign that says ‘fanny’. This makes up for missing the one that read ‘cunta’ earlier in my trip.

Completed all three of Bucharest’s recommended walking tours in one afternoon. Then I ate a whole bar of king sized Milka caramel.

Lovely to hear two kids signing proper folk songs. None of this slim shady nonsense.

Mushroom pastie for 50p! Wouldn’t get much tax on that, would you CamCleg? Eh? Ehh?


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