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Nippon is nippy.

Five traffic wardens to monitor one minor roadwork seems excessive to me. But to locals, it seems safe.

Japanese Richard and Judy!

Restaurant picking becomes more difficult when establishments have no windows or English signage.

Trains actually leave at the end of the allotted minute. For example, the 06:47 leaves at the moment between 06:47:59 and 06:48:00.

‘Laputa: Castle In The Sky’ (1986) rings a faint memory bell, but certainly hits the spot for today.

Heated toilet seats are worthy of religious following (as opposed to repeated mooning.)

Perhaps the UK would be more like Japan if we had concentrated on home rather than expanding our empire.

But I don’t want to take my shoes off again. My toes are frozen.

Smokes on a train.

Travel gradually eliminates the phrase “I heard that” from your vocabulary.

Three train transfers. 6hr37 journey. No hassle. Pure pleasure.

Hurry back, Bento lady. My tummy needs Bento.

I reckon this lunch is fried bird foot. I suppose on the plus side, it has got rid of my appetite.

‘Kiddyland’, sadly, is shut, but spotting a nearby family-planning store, ‘Condomania’ soon explains its closure.

Is there a Japanese ‘Dragon’s Den’?

Not speaking Japanese is proving thoroughly problematic today. I want food. I got beer. I want a bed. I got confused befuddlement and apology. Hmm.

Oysters on the Barbie.

Today has been one of culture boredom – I don’t understand anything so I cannot participate in anything.

An automated carpark! Imagine a giant vending machine in reverse. Then imagine a giant vending machine (when you pick up the car.)

Exploring Japan is like exploring ‘Second Life’ online – everything is cool, but it is never entirely clear how anything works.

At this point in my plan to spend the night in an Internet cafe, any travelling companion would have told me to give up and call a hostel. But I’m goin’ solo!

Japanese students are hilariously shy.

Nothing actually happens in Harry Potter 7.1, does it?

I am consistently the only train passenger below 35 years old and not wearing a suit. Seems like quite a sad thing.

The absolute peace of Nagasaki’s permanent A-Bomb memorials provide striking contrast to their instigator.

I don’t fancy lunch in the atomic cafe.

I refuse to enter a garden that has elevators.

The luxury! My own room, bath, balcony, TV and pot of green tea.

Recipe for Japanese BBQ sauce is a must-get.

Travel is so much more tiring in icy temperatures.

So THIS is what a Japanese breakfast should taste like. Lesson learned; Don’t expect gourmet for 380yen.

Japan is too comfortable.

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