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Q: What’s worse than a bus with -1inch of leg room? A: -1inch of head and arm room as well.

Lightning doesn’t necessitate thunder, sometimes the storm just jumps on you. Nepalis call the torrents a ‘big cry’.

I don’t understand why people continually hail this bus, only to wave it on. Stop stopping, mr bus.

Cocoanut is dry, tasteless and coarse. Sticking to bananas.

Like lambs to the slaughter, Nepalis will sacrifice hundreds of thousands of goats this week. Ahead, one stands atop a bus roof. If it falls (surely it will fall) I suppose it will only have brought forward its time of departure. Go in peace, Nepali goats.

Now fed up with the Dabang movie soundtrack. Everybody plays it to death.

My iPod’s shake-to-shuffle feature was not built for Nepalese rocky roads.

Prayer flags wrapped around barbed wire seems like a strange coalition.

Buffalo Burger? Don’t mind if I do!

Fourth to arrive at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. My 6am start had better be worth my while.

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