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Mumbai deserves a powerful metaphor. My metaphor of choice is a stormy ocean after an oil spill. This is why:

– Mumbai is enormous, like the ocean. Each area appears the equivalent of a city in its own right. Each road across the city is as busy as Piccadilly Circus on a weekday evening.

– Pollution here, like a giant oil spill, causes everything to turn black and dirty.

– Like the waves, there are distinct highs and lows in society, but such distinctions are turbulent and fluid rather than unchanging.

– Mumbai frequently smells like rotten fish.

– Everything appears to be in constant flux: people; material goods; transportation. Nothing ever remains still and all is tempestuous.

– Mumbai’s dreamy lure is its fantastic fish of opportunity. This fish, however, requires a master-craftsman to remove it from the sprawling ocean.

[nb. Mumbai is also blindingly tiring. Perhaps this explains why I chose to write such a tenuous series of metaphorical connections to describe it – my mind has been frazzled beyond sense.]

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