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China’s not known for it’s entrepreneurship. Their business strengths are speed, scale and repetition and thus, being a consumer here can often feel tiresome. However, there are some great ideas to be found in China that could nicely be exported back home (alongside the crates of electronics, toys, clothes… etc!)

Here are my 6 favourite Chinese inventions and ideas:

1 – Food on Sticks

DSCN5874Any food can be shoved on a stick, BBQed freshly and then gobbled up greedily. It’s the Chinese version of sticking food between bread for convenience sake.

2 – Box Shops

Instead of running a shop or market stall, small-time craftspeople and retailers can hire a 60cm2 box in one of these all-in-one emporiums. One box has silver watches, the next a selection of calligraphy brushes, the next iPhone cases. Fun, fashionable, practical, cheap; it’s the city’s version of a jumble sale.


3 – Motorbike Taxis

For one person,they’re more efficient than taxis. For two, they’re a viable option. Three people’s pushing it (perhaps literally, if the engine conks out), but remains within the realm of Chinese possibility. Even rain shouldn’t deter you from riding – most riders have specially fitted umbrellas.


4 – Cyber Security Gates

284202063_824An impression of security works wonders, and nothing looks mo re impressively secure that Chin’s mean ‘scissor extend’ metal gates. Complete with an excess of flashing LEDs, the gates can be operated by lazy guards by just a lift of a finger.

5 – Techno Pharmacies

Headache? You will have. Drug stores pump out pounding beats from street-facing amps to advertise their range of health products, equivalent to red/white poles outside barbers. A brilliant baffling marketing strategy.

6 – Classical Music Dialling Tone

Feel the sense of occasion whenever you call someone. While you wait for their answer, epic classical music pieces replace the standard dialling bleeps. You’ll almost feel disappointed when someone picks up.

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