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I will see a vending machine selling used underwear.
– No. I only met one person who did. [someone who ‘saw a vending machine’, rather than someone who ‘sold used underwear’.]

I will be surprised by not having to get naked at an Onsen.
– I did have to. But, having forgotten my swimming trunks, I was refused entry to the adjoined family pool – probably for the best.

I will spend one night in a Manga Cafe, One in a train station and one in a capsule.
– Manga Cafe, check. Capsule, check. Train Station… I was there at night time if that counts.

I will not participate in Karaoke.
– True.

I will get lost in Osaka, but not in Tokyo.
– I got lost everywhere. Notably more so in Osaka.

I will see many cats but few dogs.
– The dogs were fluffy enough to pass for cats.

I will not miss a train.
– True. Although I rarely booked any in the first place. There are loads.

I will go hungry for want of simpler food.
– I went hungry for want of non-7-Eleven bready food.

I will not sleep well, but remain alert.
– Slept well. Constantly felt tired.

I will not like the busy quietness, and feel the need to shout.
– Actually it was noisy calm. Carefully orchestrated, but pleasantly cacophonous. And I felt no internal anguish.

I will be inspired to draw Manga.
– Inspiration never translated into paper proof, yet definitely ignited somewhere along the line.

I will spend more time than necessary on shiny trains.
– Definitely. I could have dropped two destinations at least from my itinerary, but Shinkansen trains are cool.

I will not meet more than three Japanese people who are happy to chat for more than five minutes.
– True. Although those three were lovely.

I will smile freely, but rather than reciprocation, be met with bows.
– Smiles aplenty, but usually as part of the service. Bows less common, but gracefully reciprocated on occasion.

I will understand nothing but not feel confused.
– The oddness is humerous and liberating, fun rather than oppressive.

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