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For some reason, many people in Jaipur employ themselves as sweepers. I would compare this pursuit to trying to mop up the Indian ocean. It as dusty as the desert here in Rajastan’s capital city, with a not inconsequential layer of rubbish to boot.

Best Location For A Game of Hide And Seek:
The Amber Fort
With its sprawling network of cavernous passageways and hidden staircases, this hilltop marvel could entertain kids (myself included) for hours.

Most Practical Pastime:
Swarmed by sellers offering tatty dolls, discount cards and magic shows? No bother. If they offer 500rs, start at 5rs and work downwards. Enjoyable banter will ensue. Don’t bother stopping along your journey to play this game – where you go they will follow.

Most Common Phrase:
“No problem”
[there is always a problem]

Having survived trials by fire in the last few days, I now bring you my three top tips for getting what you want at two administration hubs:

How To Do Indian Train Reservations and Post Offices
1 – Watch what all the locals are doing, then do that. Remember that signage provides jist, whereas people offer true indications.
2 – Push in.
3 – Expect failure but never settle for it.

I emerge triumphantly from Jaipur with some stamps and a train ticket from Delhi to Varanasi.

The sun has now well and truly got his hat on and his sou’westers off. Thankfully, the cool, refreshing boost provided by Slice mango drink soon sorts out any problems he begins to cause.

To Pushkar! Apparently there’s a lake. Other than that, I’ll have to fill you in post-visit.

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