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Scouring London Fringe listings for potential brilliance is a labour only love can help endure. If, however, one can overcome tedium and dodge the numerous ‘above-pub melodrama’ pitfalls, there are always delights to be found. This month I’ve done the labour and picked out some February Fringe Finds:

1: Jealousy – A Fusion Of Dance and Sculpture
Inspired by a novel, directed by a visual artist, involving four choreographers, featuring soundscape, material, light and movement… Jealously boasts almost all possible theatrical elements. Potentially harmonious, perhaps cacophonous, if successful Jealousy will add further weight to The Print Room’s ever-improving reputation.

Jealousy press image

6-18 February 19:30, £20 (£15), The Print Room,

2: Mathematics Of The Heart

In time for valentine’s, a love story in which Dr Paul MacMillan, a professor of Chaos Theory, sits at the heart. Accustomed to dealing with his life in numerical terms, how will Dr MacMillan cope with what life now throws at him; family death, demanding relationships and a hot new student.

7Feb-3Mar 19:45, £14 (£9), Theatre 503,

3: Rociante! Rociante!

Combining cutting-edge research into mental illnesses with classic literary representations of reality distortions, Rociante! Rociante! could do more than merely impress artistically. It aims to develop deeper understandings of mental illness; a cause much needed as we are increasingly encouraged to consider those with mental health problems, but without necessarily understanding what those problems might be.

10Feb-02Mar 20:00, £10,

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