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Not enough clients?

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Helping consulting firms to make selling easier

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Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Struggling to get new client leads
  • Team resources under-utilised
  • Flat energy that could use some ‘wins’
  • Inconsistent flow of new business
  • Not hitting growth targets
  • Can’t quite justify new hires

Want to enjoy winning business again?

I’m Will Sawney (LinkedIn) and my unique Sideways Methodology helps consultancies and agencies to fix all of these problems, make selling easier and enjoy winning business again.

The Sideways Marketing Methodology

Get these three elements right and you’ll build yourself a lead generation “machine”

Messaging Clarity

It’s essential we identify our exact target client profile and craft a proposition that solves a core problem. Make this crystal clear across every channel, in all kinds of formats.

Connection Engine

Get connected to your target clients on social media, search, advertising and at events. We’ll capture this data effectively so that you can start building relationships.

Calls To Action

Now we’ve built trust, it’s time to generate tangible opportunities. For that, we make ‘offers’ that are impossible to refuse. It’s how we start the conversations that lead to sales.

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